Framed Art

Acrylic Box Frame

Our new Acrylic Box Frame is a development of the hugely popular Box Frame. With the images placed at the front of a 53mm deep wooden frame – available in four colour choices: black, white, wenge and ivory – you get a charming 3D effect to your frame. We print your image on gallery grade Fuji DPII Professional paper which is then bonded to 2mm MDF. We precision cut our 2mm thick, crystal clear acrylic to the internal dimensions of the box frame and then seal the print and acrylic facia into the frame. The frame itself has a 22mm wide lip which gives your image a clean, stylish outlined finish. Sizes range from 10x8″ to 60x40″.

Available in Black, Ivory or White.

2 Inch Gallery Wrap

This modern, stylish, award winning Gallery Wrap is the perfect way to display bright, colourful images. Your image is printed as a professional quality photograph on Fuji DPII silver halide paper before applying having a canvas effect seal applied to the surface. This ‘canvas print’ is then wrapped over and bonded to a rigid 2″ wooden block to produce a three-dimensional finish, with a highly defined, sharp-edged look. You have the additional option of fully wrapping your image around the edges of the block or selecting black or white edges. Sizes range from 10x8″ to 60x40″.

Available in Black, Ivory or White.

Box Frames

Simple yet elegant best describes the ever-popular Box Frame. It has become an alternative to the Gallery Wrap where the customer likes the ‘off the wall’ look but prefers to keep all the image tucked neatly into the frame moulding.

The image is first printed onto archival grade Fuji DP II Pro photo paper and then bonded to rigid, 3mm MDF board. Next, an anti-scratch print seal is applied as a protective coating. This ‘block’ is then bonded into one of five natural wood frames: dark brown, black wash, white wash, bare ash wood and pine. Sizes range from 5x5″ to 60x40″.

Coloured Edge Block

This simple yet effective wall display product, ideal for larger installations, is created using a gallery grade Fuji DP II Pro print. The print is then flush mounted onto a thick MDF block and an anti-scratch print seal is applied to its surface. The edges of the MDF are then coloured using state of the art equipment which produces a unique, sharp, modern look.

We create two slightly different versions, the first has straight edges that are then painted. Alternatively, you can have the edges of the whole block bevelled and the painted. You have three colours to choose from: black, white and dark brown.

Sizes range from 10x10″ to 60x40″.

Framed Coloured Edge Block

We take the Coloured Edge Block (CEB) and add an extra luxury dimension by building it into a stunning frame.

The photographic print is flush mounted onto a thick MDF block and an anti-scratch seal is applied to its surface. The edges are then hand-coloured. So the sharp look fo the FCEB is maintained but the block is then framed in a stunning inlay frame, of which there are three colour choices. There are also three edge colours to choose from too.

Bevelled Coloured Edge Block

Your image is printed on archival grade photographic paper and then flush mounted onto a thick MDF block that has a slightly bevelled edge. We then apply an anti-scratch seal to the print surface. The edges of the MDF are coloured using a state of the art process to produce a sharp, modern finish. These are a highly cost effective solution for very large installations.


Our Illusion Wall Display product is an absolute visual delight. Offering a contemporary and dynamic look, your image is suspended within the crystal clear acrylic leaving the viewer questioning the technique behind it. The three carefully chosen textures that make up the product lead the eye to the bit that matters, the image. The satin coated contemporary frame finish off this stunning product to perfection.

Your true photographic print has an anti-scratch seal applied to its surface before being flush mounted to a 6mm coloured and bevelled edged block. This block is then centralised and adhered to the acrylic. A matching back board is also mounted to the rear to give the appearance of the block going through the acrylic.

The product is then framed using our Confetti range of frames in either black, white or multi-coloured satin coated finishes. Sizes range from 8x8″ to 20x20″.

Trinity & Trinity Solo

Photographic prints (singular print with the Trinity Solo) are mounted onto a raised, beveled-edge solid MDF block and then an anti-scratch print seal applied to the face of the print. This block is then dropped into a deep-set frame, with a double window mount, all of which has been designed to create a floating appearance amongst a multi-layered wall display product.

You can choose a satin black or satin white frame. You also the a choice of colours for the double mounts.

Sizes range from 16x14″ to 32x28″ (approx.) for the Trinity Solo and 34x14″ to 44x20″ for the Trinity.

Framed Gallery Wrap

This modern product is made by photographically printing your image, applying a canvas effect seal and then wrapping it around a 2″ solid wooden block. We then frame the Gallery Wrap using either a satin black or satin white inlay frame, creating a beautifully elegant finished product. Sixes range from 14x11″ to 40x30″.

Dementia Mirror

This modern and functional product is the perfect wall display solution for Dementia patients. Initially installed as a deep-set mirror, this can be easily transformed into a picture frame by fitting a photographic block into the frame on ball bearings, covering the mirror perfectly, and can be quickly removed again for the next patient. Your chosen two images are printed on professional photographic paper, attached to either side of the photographic block and protected by a durable anti-scratch seal. This product can withstand regular cleaning using most household polishing products.


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