Custom-made wallpapers and murals provide an excellent opportunity for care homes to introduce visual imagery that can be a huge benefit to residents suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Our unique mural images are specifically designed, in-house, to create beautiful and eye-catching feature walls for any type of room or space. Each piece is based on original artworks that have been created by our team of professional graphic designers and photographers.

Our expertise in digital print ensures that we produce products of the highest quality. The wallpaper materials, papers and finishes we use are specifically selected to provide outstanding colour reproduction, easy and reliable installation, and a hard waring finish.


Create special places of interest to brighten up journeys

Identify important places to help with navigation

Detail and content to encourage conversation and interaction

Digital Wallpapers

Digitally printed wallpaper is a totally unique way of enhancing the look of your interior space. There are a wide range of digital wallpapers and wall coverings. With stunning looks and the durability required to handle the hustle and bustle of today’s busy hospitality and care home environments. Printed using our state-of-the-art technology, the results have a fantastic depth of colour, and the ultra drop technology ensures that even the most complex of images print crystal clear.

Where to use it?

Perfect for office spaces, restaurants, gyms, bars and even rooms, we can print any design supplied to us. Or, if you prefer, we can create a design to your specification/template – you may evan have an image in mind. We can advice on the technicalities as to whether the image will work for the size of space to be covered.

Types of wallpaper

We provide digitally printed wallpaper in two formats. The first is the more traditional commercial wallpaper; we stock a range of finishes with our most popular products being a non-woven backed fine suede texture. We then have the innovative single sheet solution which provides a striking effect – and with no joins! We can advise which is the best solution for your project with a site survey to determine how to achieve the most effective results.

Our most popular wallpaper surfaces:




Fine Suede


Using our team of expert installers, our wallpapers are installed using commercial adhesives which ensure the paper bonds perfectly to your wall surfaces, ensuring any joins match perfectly.

To discuss digital wallpaper, call our production team on 024 7623 3501